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3D Medical Animation Services

3D medical animation is where a specially trained artist will use specific computer programmes to create realistic looking objects that can be rotated a full 360 degrees on screen. Combined with the creation of their environments the objects and environments can be made to not only look real but move in a smooth sequence on screen. Combined this gives the viewer the impression they are watching something real.

The process still needs an artist who not only knows how to use the technology but one that can understand form, anatomy, have a creative eye, excellent drawing skills as its these skills also that allow the artist to become good at their craft and create very real looking objects and in our case its usually creating very real looking human anatomy! The technology is amazing but it needs an amazing artist to run the show, the computer does not do the work!

Through building anatomy as a 3D object, the animation becomes fully immersive to the viewer and they can view moving worlds beneath the skin. At Medical-Artist.com we provide 3D medical animations to help our clients communicate medical information when it needs total interaction and engagement, to add a new dimension to any marketing or medical communication project. Often they are used to explain complex medical matters, or to make information far more engaging, or to help a patient understand a medical procedure. What better way than to watch a surgical procedure as a real looking 3D animation, its non threatening as it takes away the fear factor, its educational and it is the perfect tool for patient education.

Examples of our 3d Medical Animations

Choosing 3D Medical Animation Services

3D animations can be used in a wide variety of situations from television advertising, patient education in hospitals, presentations, through to use on mobile devices and websites. Interactive medical animations allow the viewer to control the information delivery in some way. This style of medical animation demands a higher level of engagement with the audience and allows them to choose which pieces of information they view and often what order they view it in. As these types of medical animations demand viewer control they are typically limited to online use as the computer facilitates the control method.

3D animations give the viewer a greater sense of perspective by viewing the object(s) at multiple angles. Using 3D animation techniques we can give a sense of the viewer going down the inside of a blood vessel or viewing the human skeleton from all sides. 3D animations are by their nature much more complex as the anatomy has to be created and rendered on all sides for the animation.

3D Medical Animation Process

3D animations can be provided in a variety of formats and levels of detail whether for presentation on HDTVs, for websites, or for viewing on mobile devices. We can provide both Flash Medical Animations and 3D Medical Animations to your exact specifications. By working with Medical-Artist.com for your animation needs you get the quality and medical accuracy and an integrated team ensuring the very best final outcome for your medical animation project.

Contact the team if you want to discover fresh ideas, gain expert assistance with your project, receive animations that are engaging & relevant, feel free to contact us at any time.

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