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Graphic Design Services

muscle anatomy chartLayout and Design

As well our expertise at creating medical illustrations we are also experienced working with layout and design supplying graphics and design services.

Leaflets or Posters

If you are a business looking for a team that can create not only medical illustrations and animations, but complete as fully designed products ready for print such as leaflets or posters, brochures or trade stand materials,

iBooks and Digital Products

We complete digital products such as iBooks that are fit for marketing, then look no further.

We have plenty of experience at providing medical visual aids for use within digital products and printed products as there has to be a knowledge and expertise to understand how to provide in a format ready for use amongst the various digital formats and device

We have been a studio at the forefront of providing medical visual content for the latest emerging digital technologies for a number of years now. We have the creative ideas along with the digital expertise to understand how best to create products that communicate medical information from patient education consent forms to pharmaceutical product sales aids.

The Graphic Design Services We Supply

  • Medical illustration and animation ready to complement any website.
  • iBook creation from start to finish. We can incorporate bespoke illustration and animation completing with design and layout, supplying written medical content and completing to a level that is ready for marketing and sale. We are experienced in taking the finished product all the way through the iTunes store process.
  • Kindle, Android, app content as medical illustration and animation.
  • eLearning system content such as medical illustration and animation.
  • Anatomical charts / posters content such as medical illustration and design and layout.
  • Leaflets, brochures, trade stand materials and presentations.
  • Graphs, charts, labelled illustrations, diagrams.