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2D Motion Graphic Medical Animation Services

We create 2D motion graphics which are pieces of moving digital footage to create the illusion of motion or rotation for use in multimedia projects. Animation of static illustration can help bring about a deeper meaning into that marketing message and more audience engagement and interaction. The difference between 2D and 3D is that 2D is creating movement in a static illustration for example, where as 3D is the more expensive option where the audience is completely immersed in virtual reality. Where objects are made with a 360 degree perspective so they can turn and rotate on a screen.

Examples of our 2D Motion Graphic Medical Animations

So Why Choose 2D Medical Animations

2D motion graphic medical animations are used within medical marketing because of their value at being able to engage with audiences. Motion graphic animation is an effective form of communication when a client has an idea or a medical message they want to convey. 2D can supersede 3D animation when there is a need for a quicker turnaround time and a smaller budget is available. This is because there is less creation time involved and means it is possible to complete faster for more pressing deadlines.

Motion graphics is a way of breathing life and movement into inanimate objects on a computer screen to propel a project brief or brands in unique and memorable ways. It can take complex medical ideas or processes and make them easily digestible in a fun way.

Using unique and entertaining motion graphics promotes greater engagement as motion graphics brings dynamics and life into otherwise static content. Our clients benefit from using our motion graphic services as  it encourages public engagement and the public sharing of engaging content is what search engines value so much. The increased time spent watching engaging content can also increase search engine rankings and improve upon a web sites analytics. It’s a win win for clients.

 What’s Animation Our Process

The process is to create the illustration or graphics / illustrations first and format them ready to be created into a motion graphic.  We agree a brief with our client as to the content and purpose of the project, and plan a storyboard outlining each stage.

Our motion graphics are not only created using digital techniques but they can also incorporate traditional illustrations, which are scanned and formatted the same way as digital.

We create the motion graphic and output the file ready for our clients needs whether this is for a website, or presentation. The client simply has to press the ‘play’ button to instantly have a fantastic tool to use as part of their marketing.

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