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Painting using the Digital Illustration Medium

The drawing and painting mediums available to medical artists is long and varied. It can be as straightforward as drawing using a pencil and paper, to using watercolours on a canvas, to using a computer and its own program of brushes, paints, rubbers and canvases.

The question is what is the best medium for our customer and what can we do for you and your project? Our answer is that we work in a variety of mediums, our digital medical illustrations are still paintings completed by an artist and result in stunning, clear and attractive visuals that are created with the same anatomical precision as all our medical illustrations. What medium is chosen depends on what style suits your individual project and as a customer what end result you are looking for?

We also combine our illustrations to build graphs and charts and include detailed realistic anatomy features that can bring a dull data graph to life! Digital medical illustrations can also be supplied as vector images such as an Illustrator file and their print size has no limits. The illustrations can also be animated to generate patient and customer interaction; it is very a versatile medium.

If you want to read more about our clients you can read our range of case studies. You will see that we have created a whole host of varied projects!

Examples of Medical Illustrations Completed for Clients

Our Illustration Process – Pencil to Digital Painting

Custom drawings and completed in full colour

We have honed our technique to work with the digital brushes and digital pens to produce very photo realistic illustrations by using a Wacom tablet (canvas) and Creative Pen (brush) which allow us to paint onto the Wacom tablet and thus straight onto the computer screen.

The process of doing this is referred to as the digital medium but it is still an artistic process where the resulting illustration is referred to as ‘digital painting’. Our digital medical illustrations are produced in the same artistic way as any other one of our illustrations.

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