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Medico-legal or Medical Legal Illustrations

We are a creative agency made up of artists trained in human anatomy and specialists at creating medical legal illustrations and medical animations for aiding medical communications within the legal system. We have professional qualifications in medical art and illustration and termed medical illustration practitioners.  We produce illustrations and animations involving any medical subject matter that are of the highest quality that will legally qualify as an accurate record.

Medico Illustrations for the Legal System and Courtroom

Medical legal art is used in the legal system to support a case to highlight and explain anatomical areas to explain the complexities of medical matters. Due to the fact that a ‘picture’ as opposed to ‘words’ of human anatomy or an injury is much more easily understood. And it is all about getting your message across and allowing people or the layperson to get to understand fully the complex medical matters of a case. The visuals can range from illustrating a surgical procedure, to showing how an injury changes over a time period, to explaining anatomy that is not normally visible to the human eye.

Medical Legal Illustrations Explaining Patient Specific Records

Our skills are used as we have the ability to accurately create a visual of any medical process. We can refer directly to a patient records, using diagnostic films such as X-ray, MRI, CT, scans. Or  by conversing with the medical experts at the time and learning their expert opinions. As we build up the detail of the case we produce medical visuals that are accurate, anatomically precise and reflect the medical message of the case.

Prints of Medical Illustrations to show to a Jury

As well as having qualified medical artists we also have an extensive library of stock medical illustrations that allows us to provide convenient and quality illustrations in minimal time. Everything can be provided in varying formats such as prints as handouts, storyboards, large scale prints on a Foamex board, PowerPoint, animation and video.

Gallery of Medicolegal Illustrations

What Can We Provide?

We can provide any type of medical visual. We are an experienced team and our job is to create medical visuals that serve many functions. For example our medical visuals are medically accurate and a reliable source or tool, they are beautifully drawn and they have been been given many awards for excellence in anatomy and execution. They bring a visual explanation to any medical or anatomical subject matter and they can really provide a key moment of clarity. Here are a few suggestions as to how medical visuals can serve you and your client in the legal arena.

Colourising Medical Film – X-ray, MRI, CT scans

Patients records consist of X-ray, MRI, CT scans, photographs and operative reports. As medical artist’s we can take any patient medical scan record and colour the area to illuminate the anatomy. We print these out and when used the colourisation method instantly brings to life and explains a normally grey looking image with anatomical clarity. Adding colour makes it easier to see the information contained within a scan.

Medical Illustrations

As medical artists’ our job is to create medical, scientific, anatomy illustrations and we provide these on the request of clients to suit each case brief. Medical illustrations are of human anatomy, pathology or of any medical subject matter.

When used as part of the legal services they are created according to a patient’s specific medical records and they are visual aids to help support the needs of each case. We can also supply stock images if the anatomical content is generic.


Medical Animations

As part of our role we create medical animations to help support evidence within a case. Animations are necessary when complex procedures need explanation, to reveal the hidden anatomy beneath the skin and to clarify complex conditions. We can provide 2D medical animations and motion graphics as well as 3D medical animations and 3D medical devices and visuals.

Illustrations Explaining Surgery

Surgery is complex and we are often required to help clarify the stages of a surgery procedure. We can illustrate it from the surgeons view point for example or to simplify so that the surgery stages, although still absolutely accurate, can be understood by the layperson.

Proximity of Injury Explained

The purpose of medical legal illustrations is to explain the site of injury, to help solve any questions that the layperson may have in understanding the anatomy. Cases involve injured anatomy so clarification and explanation of this area is required and fulfilled by clear, accurate medical illustrations and visuals. We achieve this by creating illustrations looking ‘inside the body’ and visualising  the normally unseen.

As medical artists we are trained to recognise and capture medical conditions, injuries and scarring and can be confidently relied upon to document even very subtle clinical appearances.

Medical Devices Shown in Situ

It is possible to show medical devices in situ within the anatomy. This can demonstrate how surgery is performed,  what anatomy the devices come into contact with and helps those, other than the surgeon, see what the surgeon sees when the surgery is performed.

Stock Medical Illustrations

When the case requires visuals of a more generic nature then we have a stock site containing a large bank of relevant anatomical illustrations available for immediate download. Access Medical Legal Stock Illustrations Here:

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