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water colour illustration of the brain

Traditional Watercolour Medical Illustrations

As part of our medical illustration services we provide medical art in the traditional mediums such as watercolour. This is because as we know that the watercolour medium has a real part to play when producing medical illustration for healthcare marketing, even in modern day medical communications and technologies. We feel it has a lot to offer as the medium has wonderful aesthetic qualities and resulting artwork can be engaging and intricate.

So Why Choose Watercolour Medical Illustrations

Watercolour as a medium can work out to be exceptionally suited to anatomy projects. For example, its particularly effective when its used to illustrate difficult pathology subjects as it manages to diffuse any gory anatomy detail into something a patient can observe without fear.

Medical art produced in watercolour can achieve a sensitive portrayal of anatomy and pathology such as tumours on the female breast or genital organs. This is so much better than a photograph on the same subject!

The purpose ultimately is for these medical illustrations to play a part in patient education, to portray human anatomy subject matter that are precise and attractive, that can help improve the effectiveness of written medical communications. The way we create our medical illustrations in watercolour is to create paintings that inform and engage the viewer and the use of watercolour as a medium does this very well.

Gallery of Medical Illustrations in Watercolour

What’s Our Process for Creating Medical Illustrations

As anatomy artists our goal is to create paintings and medical illustrations that make anatomy and pathology look precise, unique and even real looking.

Sketching and Painting

watercolour materialsSketching the subject matter in pencil first, the drawing are created specific to a clients project needs. These are sent

to a client for review and once we have sign off for the artwork it is completed as paintings using the water colour medium. We create our water colour paintings using the finest materials such as sable hair brushes, smooth ‘hot press’ water colour paper stretched over a board and using the finest brand of water colour paint.

Scanning Medical Art at a High Resolution

Simply by scanning the artwork at a high resolution allows us to save as a jpeg file and have a format ready to use within any type of marketing materials. We are professionally trained in water colour yet we also readily combine the artwork with digital media for use in printing, publishing, leaflets, posters, websites, even incorporating into an animation.

Versatility of Painting with Watercolour 

The versatility of watercolour as a medium is equal to any other medium even digital where it can be incorporated into any format for the final project. This process allows Joanna to give the client the maximum choice when they are wanting to request something exceptional.

How Clients have used our Medical Illustrations in Watercolour

Davis&Jones commissioned paintings for use as display artworks for a new hospital development.

BDJ commissioned 12 water colour paintings of anatomy relating to the cranial nerves. anatomy.

Duncan Baird publishing commissioned water colour illustrations of reproductive anatomy,  hysterectomy, function and disease of the female body for use within a health book for women.

Contact a Medical Illustrator

Contact the team for medical illustrations if you want to discover fresh ideas for your project, gain expert assistance and advice, and commission medical illustrations that are engaging and perfect for your medical communications. Receive medical art in the beautiful medium of watercolour that retains detailed anatomical & scientific accuracy, but bringing a different dimension to any project.

Need medical illustrations in watercolour, as medical art or visualisations?

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