New Project Win – Illustrations for New Obstetrics Device

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New Project Win

Pelican Healthcare

Our new client is Pelican Healthcare Ltd. They are a leading manufacturer of disposable medical products for the UK and Ireland healthcare markets manufacturing disposable products for stoma care and feminine healthcare and it has been their speciality since the company was formed in 1994.

Pelican Healthcare have recently developed a state-of-the-art manufacturing and distribution centre in their Cardiff offices along with a joint Research and Development facility based in Northern Ireland. The purpose to bring innovative, quality products to market for the benefit of its healthcare customers. The latest product to market is an obstetrics device to assist with difficulties during childbirth and this is where come in.

Project Goals – Medical Illustrations for Marketing

The job for is to create a set of medical illustrations of both an obstetrics device but to also be shown in its correct anatomical setting. The device is going to primarily be used for emergency procedures such as foetus head impaction during caesarean section surgery.

It is important that we create an exact replica illustration of the obstetrics device and that we demonstrate how it is to be used during caesarian section surgery particularly as an aid during birthing difficulties.  This is going to be achieved by our creating a cross section illustration of a baby at full term and still inside its mothers womb. Along with two separate illustrations of the hand held device and one of how the device is able to assist with a baby’s head impaction during surgery.

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