Illustrations in a Line Work and Pen & Ink Style

Drawing using Ink

Medical illustration in pencil

We produce medical artwork in a wide range of styles. This gives you the customer maximum flexibility when looking for the right fit of illustration for a particular project.

Black and white line work works well not only for medical illustrations as they can be precise and informative, but their simple elegant style can be used for creating illustrations of any subject matter. For medical illustration, the simplicity of black and white line, means the viewer can be encouraged to focus without distraction on what is most important such as a surgery procedure for example.

Black and white line work illustration has a timeless appeal with added qualities in that it still allows the artist the freedom with which to hand draw subjects. A computer is only inviolved if the line work is created digtitally. So the finished result is always creative whilst retaining clarity that is essential for anatomy and illustrations of a scientific nature.

Line work or pen and ink illustration can be created to suit many subjects. Artwork can be just simple line, but can also contain texture and form by using shading techniques such as stipple, gradients, cross hatching and really making use of dark and light shadow. Plus colour can be added to highlight key features, resulting in stand out and appealing illustrations.

Gallery of Black and White Link Line Work Illustrations

Anatomy of the occipital muscles

Anatomy of the occipital muscles. A pen and ink illustration

Anatomy of Father Christmas

Anatomy of Father Christmas

Right parotoid dissection created in pen and ink

Right parotoid dissection created in pen and ink

Adhesions restricting the cervix

Bones of the foot. Created as digital black and white line work

The foot contains more than 26 bones with 33 joints

Digital line work with colour

The bones of the foot lateral view, drawn as line work

Digtially created line work bones of the foot lateral view

Surgery illustration

Surgery illustration

Female anatomy in cross section

Pen an dink - female anatomy in cross section

Part 3 of a sigmoid colectomy surgical sequence

Continued pen and ink illustration of the next step of bowel surgery - See all Sigmoid Colectomy stages

Pen and ink drawing of the anatomy of a hen

Pen and ink drawing of the anatomy of a hen

Internal anatomy of a reindeer

Anatomy of a caribou


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