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Medical Artist Creates Illustrations From Varying Media

Joanna and her team aim to provide not only medically accurate drawings and paintings but to create unique art and illustration by utilising the different media available. By using traditional mediums to digital, ensures the ability to undertake a diversity of projects which have an edge, an artistic feel as well as being anatomically accurate.

The Importancee of Pencil Illustrations

One such method is to combine pencil with digital colour. Like we see here in these pencil illustrations which have had colour opacities added, to highlight the area in focus. This not only can look appealing but by adding a company’s own brand colours and fonts to the illustrations, can also give a company owner to their new illustrations.

Plus, by using opacities, such as seen in the seated cable row illustration, it can be very important to highlight the area in focus, such as the muscle groups involved in weight training and in gym exercise. As a set of illustrations covering all the gym exercises, the aim was to use a pencil to form the illustration, with added colour to highlight the muscle groups. Used for a USA fitness magazine aimed at bodybuilders, it was important to teach the readers about what muscles are worked on in each particular exercise.

 Enquire about Joanna & Her Teams Services

From providing sketches to complex anatomy, Joanna and her team are readily able to advise you on your particular project, whatever it may be. With such versatility Joanna’s illustrations and artworks are used in publishing, posters, websites and marketing internationally, so please feel free to contact the Medical team anytime.