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Completed for our client Previvo

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Our Client – Previvo

Our client was Bruce Addis, Senior Director of Research and Development at Previvo, based in California, USA. Previvo provide assisted fertility treatment. We were approached by Bruce to create a 2D illustrated animation, to display their new product in an engaging way. Their product Previvo logocalled the Previvo Uterine Lavage System is an innovative medical device that collects naturally fertilised embryos, without patients having to undergo general anaesthesia and the invasiveness of IVF for otherwise fertile couples. Previvo aims to provide for the growing demand in fertility preservation and disease prevention, fertile couples have limited options available that are invasive and ineffective. Uterine lavage aims to be the go-to solution for couples who are looking to be proactive in the health of their children. You can visit Previvo here.

The First Project – producing a range of styles

Previvo were looking to commission an engaging animation sequence that could be used primarily for communication with clinicians and with the option of re-editing a further version to be more client focused. There was also a requirement to create still images from the animation for other marketing materials, to ensure a consistent look and feel across the visual assets that would be used to promote this innovative medical device.

The team discussed the overall project requirements and it was agreed that an initial project was needed to supply style options. This initial stage would put in place an appropriate style of visual and subsequent animation, to ensure that the end result met the brief objective. The project also needed meet budget and timeline constraints for the the Previvo business.

From the telephone discussions and email exchanges it was agreed that in order to evaluate each of the three possible concepts,  each style needed to be created to demonstrate how the visual style could be delivered. These illustrations to focus on the device, patient relationship, the device in-situ in the anatomy, and a short animation to show how the ‘turbulent fluid flow’ could work with the device in action. Option 1 was to be a comic style, option 2 an airbrushed style, option 3 a vector style.

Option 1 – Comic Style

Option 2 – Photoshop Style

Option 3  – Vector style

Second Project – completion of the illustrations for the animation

The style chosen was the Photoshop airbrush style. The next step was to create the illustrations according to the Storyboard, keeping in mind that these illustrations also needed to work as stand alone visuals for use in other printed marketing materials. All the illustrations were completed and After Effects used to complete as an animation. Upon the client’s request music was added and we were really pleased with the result.

Unfortunately, this is as far as we can go with regards to show casing this project because we are bound by a non disclosure agreement to protect Previvo’s technology.