2D Animation / Video with Custom Medical Illustrations

Patient education video to play in a patients waiting room

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Client – Skirt PR

Commissioned by Skirt PR, our goal was to create a custom 2D patient education video. Skirt PR is a Chicago-based boutique public relations, social media and event management agency that creates and cultivates brand awareness.

Their client, Savani Thermal Imaging, are a new breast cancer screening centre that opened up in Dallas, USA at the end of April 2019. They specialise in thermal imaging breast screening. The 2D patient education animation / video needed to depict Savani’s Thermal Imaging process and their target audience who were patients looking to book a thermal imaging scan. The 2D animation, plus animation stills, is used on Savani’s company website, their social media channels and on TV screens within their centres.

Medical Illustrations for the Animation

The purpose was to create illustrations that were patient friendly and engaging as this was a difficult subject we were illustrating. It needed to convey the medical information accurately, it was important that the message within the animation was able to be understood by the lay person. The message was that breast thermology is a non-invasive test that can identify abnormal heat patterns in breast tissue produced by physiologic changes that may be associated with the risk of breast cancer. Patients who are faced with the difficulty of needing treatment are naturally concerned and worried, as such they need a video that will help alleviate any initial concerns whilst they are waiting to see their doctor.


The animation / video was for multipurpose use for the Savani Thermal Imaging company website, Social media, and to play in patient waiting rooms within the clinics. This was seen as an opportune time for patients to watch the video and absorb information from the comfort of the waiting room.

The animation needed to convey within it statistical data, views of the equipment, the thermal imaging process and medical information. We added background music to encourage engagement. To view the animation of the website visit here: (https://www.savanithermalimaging.com/about)