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Client: Synergy Medical Communications
Medium: Digital, (Photoshop)

The Client – A Medical Communications Agency

We were approached by communications agency Synergy Medical Communications Ltd, based in Richmond Surrey UK to create a number of breast surgery medical illustrations for one of their pharmaceutical clients. The subject matter was breast reconstruction and implants for use in patients wanting breast augmentation, reconstruction.

Their client was considered as leaders in the field of breast implants and they wanted to raise their profile as a quality provider of training and breast surgery products, emphasising the robustness of the clinical data to support their products. The breast surgery illustrations we were to supply were to support the medical communications and be descriptive with regards to explaining the surgery and how the implants would work.

Project Brief

The brief outline was clearly given by the Synergy team:

Aims & Objectives

– To consistently communicate the Client’s key messages across Europe and raise the profile of the Client’s breast products.

– To raise the Client’s profile as a quality provider of training and breast surgery products by promoting a more evidence-based approach to inform choice of product.

– To facilitate continued engagement with leading breast reconstruction surgeons across Europe at Centres of Excellence. Tone/Look/Feel – The tone should be educational, authoritative and scientifically credible.

– The slides will be presented externally to both junior and experienced breast reconstruction surgeons across Europe. Key themes/messages – The Client’s breast surgery products are to be clinically proven, of a high quality, and this is supported by data.

– The Client’s Centres of Excellence program is the leading training program for breast reconstruction surgery.

– Breast reconstruction is carried out by highly-qualified and well-trained plastic surgeons.

Target Audience

– External: – Junior and experienced surgeons within breast reconstruction.


The brief content ranged from two-stage breast reconstruction, autologous reconstruction, transverse rectus abdominis surgery, pectoral fascia and suspensory ligaments of the breast and structure of the breast. Also required was the arterial supply and lymphatic drainage of the breast, four key surgical boundaries exist for mastectomy, total mastectomy, radical mastectomy, subcutaneous mastectomy and an illustration showing the wise pattern approach.

“Joanna has a great eye for detail and the illustrations were loved by everyone, most especially by the client.”Stuart Banks, Digital Project Manager, Frontera
“Joanna was right at home working with us to develop illustrations that both met our clinical needs and fit perfectly into the aesthetics of our user interface. Her work is superb!”Michael Gold , Director of Product Development, CareCloud
“We have now received the new folder with your illustrations: I love it!”Lisa Ruckstuhl - Product Manager Osteoporosis, Daiichi Sankyo (Schweiz) AG
“I’m really pleased with how the book finally looks and that is in part huge thanks to Jo for such fantastic and skilled art. The level of detail that Jo achieves is incredible and her medical knowledge clearly abounds. She is always such a pleasure to work with – nothing is too big or small a job. It was all approached with the same cheery manner! Jo always delivered on deadlines too, which is a huge relief to us designers! Many thanks – it has indeed been a pleasure. I would have no hesitation to recommend Jo!”Senior Designer, Duncan Baird Publishers
“Joanna and her team are a pleasure to work with. They are responsive and creative. They turned around several excellent animations and drawings for our video series. We certainly would enjoy working with them again!”David Mathison, MD, MBA, Associate Director of Pediatric Transport, Children's National Medical Center and Assistant Professor of Pediatrics & Emergency Medicine, George Washington University School of Medicine
“Joanna has provided the core illustrations for a number of our iPad Apps, and her illustrations have received terrific reviews from our users. She understands our requirements clearly and also understands the specifics of illustrating for digital media and mobile applications. The quality of her work is outstanding, and she can be relied upon to hit deadlines and deliver to the exact clinical requirements of each project.”Todd Morgan, Co-Founder, drawMD
“Hello Tim and Joanna,
Thank you for the illustrations, you have done an outstanding job on the finished articles… The service provided was efficient and very thorough, we were very happy with the way you able to understand and translate the brief into an illustration which captured the desired output.”Clare Lynex, Senior Medical Writer, UBM Media Asia, Singapore
“We found to be energetic, imaginative, and efficient, a joy to work with!”Dr Sam Alberti, Director of Museums and Archives, Royal College of Surgeons of England, London