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The Client

Our client was Videregen, a leader in the development of personalised, regenerative products to replace, repair and restore organs and tissues. They are a clinical-stage regenerative medicine company using their proprietary technology platform to develop a range of personalised regenerative products targeting chronic, serious and orphan indications. The Company’s patented technology and know-how is also being applied to the development of other organ and tissue replacement products; including airways, gastrointestinal, hepatic and immunological indications.

The Project Goal

The project goal was at a time of raising additional investment for Videregen, and as such Steve Bloor its CEO, felt the business should benefit from a new corporate identity that would take them forward during a period of growth. Videregen therefore required the full package, a total branding project starting with a new logo, marketing materials, a new website to reflect the new brand design, and a medical animation to provide a visual medium that would tell the story of their innovative technology to encourage future investment.

Brand Design

Logo Design

The first task was to design Videregen a new logo. The logo is an important part of a company’s brand, and makes a significant impact on a company’s public perception. The important task of design, therefore, was given to the very talented graphic designer member of the team, Miriam Gooch. The logo design and colour palette choices went through the usual iterations. The final design we feel gives a good first impression of the company, it dared to be different with the colours and the logo because it tells its audience why this business is unique. Because the logo is the first thing that an audience will look for when they see any communications from any brand, we went on to make it front and centre of all the following marketing materials from the business cards, presentations to written communications.


Marketing materials

To maintain consistency it was important to reinforce the brand identity at every touch point by using the logo design, and applying it to business cards, email footer, letterhead and PP templates.

Website Design & Build

The investment in the website was to have a platform that show cased Videregen through animation, as opposed to lengthy descriptions just using text. By containing a smaller number of elements in the web design, it was the aim the website would come across not only as professional but cleaner and well organised. These features would allow users to navigate easily, find important information more quickly and have a good user experience, due to this minimalist design having being applied correctly. By employing a simple high-contrast palette gave the site a fresh, modern look whilst making use of the custom graphics we created for Videregen, to bring life to the space with vivid images relating to its services. We created custom medical animations that were added to the website to complete the project. To view the completed website visit Videregen here.

Custom Medical Animation

In order to create an animation that would tell the story of the Videregen technology to its audience, we first learnt the message that needed to be communicated and created a Storyboard scene by scene. We built the animation in 3D because there would be a requirement at a later date to use the same elements to create smaller animations. The blue of the glass figure, and all the colours within the animation elements needed to work with the brand that we had designed. The final output was a 2 minute animation, that told of the Videregen story of its tissue regeneration process. To maintain the brand identity the logo was incorporated into the scenes by placing them into the laboratory equipment such as those within the clean room.