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New Project Win. work with a range of medical marketing agencies and consultancies involved within the health and medical and science sectors. Providing services to their clients such as pharmaceutical companies involved with medical devices, medical innovation. We are most often called upon to provide the medical and scientific illustrations and animations.

We have worked with agencies such as IGNIGI, GL Education Group, Truth Design Consultancy Ltd, Systematic Strategy Ltd and now this new agency using called Alchemist Consultancy based in Windsor, UK.

Project Brief

We have been commissioned to create 10 PowerPoint slides on subject matter concerning cellular level anatomy. The cellular anatomy we are to illustrate includes the cell membrane and function of the membrane plus other content illustrating cellular movements and their functions.

Medical illustrations come into their own as not only can the cellular level cells be illustrated in detail they can also be created to tell a story, as mode of action that communicate a very specific message. The target audience is to be medical professionals and the illustrations are to be used with PP presentations for use at conferences and trade shows.

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