Further Professional Memberships for Medical-Artist.com

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Association of Medical Illustrators LogoJoanna has always been a Member of the Medical Artists Association of Great Britain following her accreditation as a Medical Artist, however we have decided to expand of professional memberships. In response to our growing number of clients outside of the UK we now have membership of The Association of Medical Illustrators (AMI), based in Lexington, Kentucky. You can read more about the AMI on their website www.ami.org

Institute of Medical Illustrators logoWe have also decided to join the Institute of Medical Illustrators as they bring together the disciplines of clinical photography, medical art, illustration, graphic design and video within healthcare. As our range of services has expanded in response to our client’s needs the IMI’s coverage of a wider range of related disciplines is a good fit for the kinds of digital medical visualisation services we are increasingly performing. www.imi.org.uk

We will be attending the IMI Conference in Glasgow in September this year and are hoping to attend the AMI conference in Salt Lake City in 2013.

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