Solar Powered Medical Illustration

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solar power for our medical art studioAs part of our desire to minimise the environmental impact of we are very happy that our new solar array has just been switched on today. We already heat the studio with a wood fired stove but with the high power computers we use for medical illustration means that our electricity consumption is significant.

We monitored our usage and have been taking steps to minimise power drain such as turning off systems when not in use. Based on the power consumption figures the new solar array that we have fitted should generate on average more power than the studio consumes on an average day, making us a net contributor to the grid. It’s rather good to see the meter spinning backwards when the sun is out.

Thank you for your continued support

It is thanks to our customers continuing to work with us and new customers joining that we have been able to make this investment, so thank you for choosing to work with for your medical illustration needs.

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