Southmead NHS Hospital Paintings Completed and Scanned

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We were very excited when last year we were chosen to participate in creating artwork for the new NHS Southmead Hospital in Bristol. This £430 million project for North Bristol NHS Trust working in conjunction with Carillion is due to open fully in 2014. However, as the building project is continuing around a working hospital the new facilities are opening in sequence over a period.

Southmead medical ArtJoanna has been working closely with Davis&Jones who are the artistic liaison for the project. The project has involved meeting with people from across the project, from clinical staff to the building contractors. We were asked to produce two paintings that brought together the building of the new hospital and the activities within the hospital to commemorate this huge construction project that has taken place while the hospital is still fully functioning.

We are now at the stage where the two artworks have been painted and are awaiting framing ready for their unveiling on the 28th February 2012. In advance of the framing the paintings have been scanned by the team at Artists Gallery Printing due to their size. Rob from Artist Gallery Printing said about the scanning of the two paintings.

“We are used to scanning really large detailed works of art here but these two have broken our records for size, both physically and for the file sizes they have created.”

Each file of is over 8Gb in size, or to put that in perspective equivalent to around 3000 songs on your MP3 player!

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