The Student’s Anatomy of Stretching Manual

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anatomy of stretching manualNow on sale at Amazon, Joanna has completed a project illustrating an anatomy book called the The Student’s Anatomy of Stretching Manual.

Consisting of Joanna’s 50 full colour illustrations of all different stretching poses, showing in detail the muscle anatomy for each.

With written reference provided on each exercise, Joanna was tasked with creating 50 pencil sketches of all the poses, after which 50 full colour anatomically correct illustration depicting the muscles involved with each stretch.

The 50 essential exercises include stretching, weightlifting, and cardiovascular routines. Aimed at health and fitness trainers, students of sports science, and men and women intent on getting into better physical shape. Its author is Dr. Ken Ashwell is Professor of Anatomy in the Department of Anatomy, School of Medical Sciences, Australia.

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