Teaching Observational Drawing Techniques to Medical Art Students

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Joanna Culley was asked to assist on a one day workshop teaching students who were studying with the Medical Artists Education Trust (MAET).  The MAET is a self directed postgraduate programme designed so that each student experiences a wide range of medical topics and where by successful completion of this postgraduate course leads to a Professional membership of the Medical Artists’ Association of Great Britain.

The focus of the one day workshop was drawing techniques and traditional painting techniques, for example how to sketch out and draw human body subjects accurately and precisely.  The session was held at Guy’s and St. Thomas’ Hospital in LondonUK and so the students were able to use the  cased specimens in order draw from direct observation.

The MAET values observational drawing as part of the coursework because it is an integral component to creating a medical illustration. Tasking students with drawing forms the core method for researching, investigating, developing and communicating ideas. This is because the only way to record shape, proportion and detail accurately is to learn how to look and study at the source of information.

To lean more about the MAET visit here: http://www.maet.org.uk/.

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