New Employee – Hannah Newey

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Medical Artist – Hannah Newey

We are delighted to announce our newest member to the team, Hannah Newey. Hannah will be working as a medical artist assisting with our in-house projects as well as bringing skills as a medical and scientific 3D animator. Hannah Newey

Hannah is an award-winning medical artist, she is as passionate as we are about bringing science to life and creating high-end visual content to advance scientific and medical education. Hannah recently completed her MSc in Medical Art with Distinction from the University of Dundee and prior to that studied Medicine at Brighton and Sussex Medical School. This background has providing her with an invaluable in-depth knowledge of many branches of medicine, including anatomy, physiology and clinical skills.

Hannah has a unique career history in Healthcare PR and Medical Education, where she worked with top pharmaceutical companies including Allergan, Novartis and Gilead Sciences. Hannah was responsible for writing content and overseeing design of more than 30 globally used materials, directing video and animation production for social media campaigns, and organising highly successful medical education events. As such, Hannah is able to create entire PR and event resources, from press packs and conference materials to presentations and publications.

Hannah’s Artistic Style

Hannah NeweyHannah’s style incorporates a range of specialist skills, from 3D animations and models to detailed 2D and 3D medical illustrations. Observational drawing of specimens is part of the routine for a medical artist, but Hannah takes her 2D drawings to a new and exciting level. Using 3D technology, Hannah creates 3D sculptures and models, turning them into fully immersive animations and interactive models.

Experience has proven time and time again that using interactive 3D learning as an educational tool can be used to great effect; it increases a viewer’s comprehension, retention and engagement, especially when it involves complex anatomy or scientific data. To see examples of Hannah’s work visit here:

Contact Medical Artist

Make your marketing communications really count with expert visuals. We offer 2D medical illustrations as well as 2D and 3D medical animations. As a creative team our goal is to provide highly engaging visuals for our clients to help them reach their target audiences. Work with us if you want to get your audiences talking!

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