The Sigmoid Colectomy Surgical Sequence

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 What is Sigmoid Colectomy Surgery?

The operation aims to remove the damaged or diseased part of the left side colon and then re-attaching the two ends of the colon. There are varying reasons why a patient may need sigmoid colectomy surgery, from cancer to Crohn’s and diverticular disease. It may even be used for rectal prolapse which is when the lowest part of the bowel protrudes through the anus.

The Sigmoid Colectomy Surgery Procedure

Sigmoid Colectomy Surgery can be performed through the keyhole surgical technique; known as the laparoscopic surgical technique to the professionals, or open surgery. In the surgery, the blood vessels are removed as well as the lymph nodes to part of the bowel. The surgeon will then re-make the join between the remaining part of the colon and the top of the rectum.

 Joanna’s First-hand Knowledge & Experience

Joanna was fortunate enough to have watched this surgery as it was performed, sketching and note-taking. The work was taken back to the studio in order to update and complete the stages. The surgery was carried out at Southampton General Hospital, Hampshire.

Always working with the medical expert, as an artist Joanna can converse readily over medical subject matter, producing illustrations from notes, sketches, direct observation and discussion. This helps the surgeon or any healthcare professional, when they want their techniques created for their medical paper, for teaching students or patients.