Medical-Artist Produces Trachea Medical Illustrations for Videregen

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Working at a medical illustration creative agency means that you will always be working on new projects. An exciting project our team recently worked on was for regenerative personalised organ replacement company, Videregen.

Videregen are specialists in the production of replacement organs. The company was developed with the aim of overcoming the issue related to a chronic shortage of organs currently available for transplantation procedures. This is becoming a particularly significant problem, exacerbated by the fact that the UK has an ageing population, who are more likely to suffer from organ related diseases. This growing demand for organ replacement puts a great financial burden on our healthcare system.

How Does Videregen Produce Replacement Organs

Videregen’s platform purification technology produces acellular biological scaffolds from a variety of tissues and organs without causing significant change to the natural three-dimensional structure of the source material.

Autologous stem cells are then seeded onto this scaffold. The stem cells respond to the material’s unique topographical properties and this provides the signal for them to differentiate into the specific organ cell-types. After implantation, the cells multiply to repopulate the scaffold and develop exact biochemical and physiological functions. This creates a living organ from the patient’s own cells.

Creating Videregen Trachea Illustrations

Medical Artist were tasked with creating a sequence of medical illustrations to visually show the Videregen trachea organ replacement process.

The medical illustration work was carried out by our very own Joanna Culley, a qualified medical artist. The illustration showed a diseased trachea, a tissue engineered trachea and the new trachea in place, as shown below:

Trachea Organ Replacement Medical Illustration

Medial art is often used for an educative perspective and Videregen required professional illustrations to accurately demonstrate the trachea organ replacement process.

Videregen’s regenerative organ replacement work is going from strength to strength, exemplified by the award of €6.8 million worth of funding from Horizon for Phase II of the Videregen trachea trial.

In addition to this, Videregen is recognised for its work on trachea regeneration by the Alliance for Regenerative Medicine (ARM), which is a global advocate for regenerative therapies. Just like Videregen, ARM is dedicated to advancing trachea organ regeneration through continued research and funding.

Medical Artist were delighted to work on this project for Videregen, a company whose work is supported by a number of recognised institutes such as ARM and Horizon.

Future Organ Replacement Work Planned

Medical Artist’s work with Videregen has not finished yet. Our team will also be working on creating medical illustrations to demonstrate Videregen’s small bowel organ regeneration process in the near future.

If you require accurate, professional medical illustrations produced by expert medical artists of the trachea or respiratory system, then we have a selection of images available for license.

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