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Anatomy for Education

muscle anatomy chartuAnatomy is our sister site and we built it as a separate website where we can advertise and sell products we have created regarding anatomy education. These range from anatomy posters to iBooks.

The purpose for uAnatomy is to allow customers to have searched online and be able to buy our goods directly. We sell our posters as ready printed and what beautiful quality they are too. They have been printed on 300gsm glossy paper with immaculate printed detail of all the anatomy. The illustrations themselves were created by Joanna Culley over a two year period so we wanted the printing to reflect the time that it took to illustrate the skeleton and muscle men to best show the high level of anatomical detail.

Anatomy Charts

These charts Anatomy Posters and Charts are our main sellers which are of the full human skeleton and a matching full person showing the superficial muscle anatomy. The charts have been designed with educators, teachers, personal trainers, healthcare professionals in mind to provide clear and large in size charts for placement on walls, trade shows, gynasiums and classrooms.

skeleton anatomy chart

Customer Comments

Our giant charts always receive terrific reviews;

“The posters from uAnatomy were a fantastic tool for our Personal Trainers to refer to when training clients. The posters are large enough to be a centre piece for our gym wall and a real focus point for our members to learn what muscle groups they can work to get definition and tone in different areas, the posters really helped bring the exercises to life. All of our members and Personal Trainers found them very educational and enjoy having something so detailed to refer to.”

Skeletal and Muscle Anatomy Posters In Godalming Leisure CentreDave Webb, General Manager, Godalming Leisure Centre.

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